Polyol And Hardener

Product Image (BASONAT HI 190 BS)


Price: 250 INR/Kilograms

Acts as a hydrophobic hardener. Can be used in combination with solid epoxy resin dispersions or emulsified liquid resins. When used with solid resin dispersions coatings for metallic substrates can be formulated with very good performance in humidity chamber and salt spray tests. Used for the formulation of waterborne metal coatings (primers, single coats), free of volatile basic amines.

Product Image (Basonat HI 190 BS (90%))

Aliphatic Polyisocyanate (HDI) (SB)

Price: 850 INR/Kilograms

It exhibits excellent weather and chemical resistance, non-yellowing and physical properties. It is an approximately 90% solids solution in a 1:1 blend of n-butyl acetate and Solvesso 100. It is recommended for the formulation of lightfast and weather-resistant two-pack polyurethane coatings. Suitable for interior & exterior general industrial metal coating, plastic component coating, wood coatings for floor, furniture or millwork, and automotive OEM or refinish applications.

Product Image (Basonat HW 1180 PC)

Aliphatic Polyisocyanate (HDI) (WB)

Price: 750 INR/Kilograms

Basonat HW 1180 PC is a water-emulsifiable, aliphatic polyisocyanate for crosslinking hydroxyl functional emulsions, and is supplied at 80% solids in propylene carbonate.

Product Image (Desmodur N 3390 BA (90%) )

Aliphatic Polyisocyanate (HDI) (SB)

Price: 800 INR/Kilograms

: It offers high resistance to chemicals and weathering, very good gloss retention and outstanding mechanical properties. It is the hardener component in light-fast two-pack polyurethane coating systems. It can be used in combination with polyacrylate or polyester polyols. Applicable for air- and force-drying coatings for automotive OEM, automotive refinishing, transportation, industrial finishing and plastics.

Product Image (: Additol VXW 6385 (80%) )

Crosslinking / Coupling / Curing Agents

Price: 550 INR/Kilograms

Additol VXW 6385 serves as cross-linking component for acrylate binders, such as Viacryl VSC 6250w for the production of dark coloured electro dipping paints and white or bright coloured electro dipping paints by means of a tin catalysis.

Product Image ( BAYCOLL AD 2047)

Linear Polyester Polyol

Price: 150 INR/Kilograms

It can be combined with various Desmodur products to formulate adhesives for many different materials, e.g. wood, metal and plastic. Suitable for use in the formulation of reactive adhesives with a low solvent content. It can be thinned with solvents such as esters, ketones and aromatics.

Product Image (Imprafix 2794 )

Aliphatic Blocked Polyisocyanate

Price: 350 INR/Kilograms

Imprafix 2794 is a waterbased aliphatic blocked polyisocyanate. Imprafix 2794 is crosslinker with improved reactivity and thermostability (yellowing).

Product Image (Zinc Oxide Solution )

Zinc Ammonium Crosslinking Agent

Price: 210 INR/Kilograms

Carbonic Acid, ammonium zinc salt (2:2:1) acts as crosslinking agent providing improved heat resistance & film hardness to all acrylic,

Product Image ( HD-100)

Propylene Imine Tri-Functional Polyaziridine

Price: 2500 INR/Kilograms

It is added to water based acrylic emulsions or polyurethane dispersions as a cross-linker for textile and leather coatings, industrial coatings, inks,

Product Image (Desmodur IL 1351 BA )

Aromatic Polyisocyanate (TDI)

Price: 200 INR/Kilograms

It is used as the hardener component for fast-drying two-pack polyurethane coatings for the furniture industry.


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