Emulsions & Dispersion

Product Image (Aquacer 8335)

Aqueous Paraffin Wax Emulsion

Price: 150 INR/Kilograms
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
  • Purity:45%
  • Solubility:WATER
  • Grade:AQUACER 8335
  • Ph Level:11
  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • Poisonous:NO
Product Image (ACRONAL NX 4569)

Aqueous Acrylate Acrylonitrile Styrene Copolymer Dispersion

Price: 125 INR/Kilograms
  • Grade:ACRONAL NX 4569
  • Ph Level:7.5
  • Poisonous:NO
  • Application: Industrial
  • Shape:Irregular
  • Solubility:WATER
  • Purity:50%
  • Product Type:EMULSION
Product Image (Silres BS 290 )

Silicone Emulsion

Price: 550 INR/Kilograms
  • Density:1.05 Gram per cubic centimeter(g/cm3)
  • Product Type:Silane / Siloxane Emulsion
  • Grade:SILRES BS 290
  • Purity:100%
  • Solubility:ORGANIC SOLVENT
  • Properties:Good depth of penetration,High alkaline resistance,Tack-free drying,etc
  • Appearance:COLORLESS HAZY
  • Usage:SILRES BS 290 is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral construction materials, e. g.: Brickwork Mineral-based natural and artificial stone Aerated concrete Sand-lime brickwork Cement fiberboards Mineral paints All kinds of concrete Mineral plasters SILRES BS 290 is also suitable as primer for exterior paints. SILRES BS 290 is not suitable for rendering gypsum water repellent
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
Product Image (Dowsil 2-7887)

Methyl Hydrogen Silicon Emulsion

Price: 300 INR/Kilograms
  • Product Type:EMULSION
  • Grade:DOWSIL 2-7887
  • Solubility:WATER
  • Purity:51-57%
  • Ph Level:4-7
  • Physical Form:Liquid
  • Appearance:MILKY WHITE
  • Usage:It is a reactive Si-H silicone/ resin emulsion with 50% NVC. Suitable for aqueous-based application systems for inorganic materials such as fillers and flame retardants to aid dispersion and composite flowability.
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
Product Image ( Rheovis PU 1280 )

Polyurethane Thickener

Price: 250 INR/Kilograms

It is non-ionic rheology modifier for aqueous systems. It exhibits excellent mid-shear rheology-control and outstanding pseudoplasticity. Offers increased KU-viscosity, reduced sagging and good levelling.

Product Image (Craymul 2379)

Acrylic Emulsion

Price: 110 INR/Kilograms

It is a water-borne polymer used in decorative coatings well adapted for interior & exterior. Suites for flexible & low yellowing properties. It also offers cellulose derivative stabilizing system.

Product Image (: DAOTAN TW 6464/36WA)

Polyurethane Dispersion

Price: 200 INR/Kilograms

It is recommended for waterborne plastic primer, basecoat which providing excellent adhesion to plastics like ABS, PC, PP & PVC. It is a shear stable, solvent-free, self-crosslinking acrylated polyurethane dispersion providing quick drying and good wetting properties. Cured films are clear - transparent with good chemical- and abrasion resistance.

Product Image (Uradil AZ601 Z-44 )

Polyurethane Modified Short Oil Alkyd Emulsion

Price: 220 INR/Kilograms

It is based on linoleic rich oils/fatty acids & it is used in industrial metal primers, insulating wall paints and interior industrial wood stains. Possesses good drying speed and salt spray resistance.

Product Image (Haloflex H 202 S )

Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Latex

Price: 300 INR/Kilograms

: It is used in primers and high build coatings for steel, fire retardant coatings. Offers good barrier properties. Provides very good salt spray resistance and good chemical resistance (splash and spillage). It also offers non-flammable and moderate resistance to bacterial growth. This emulsion designed for maintenance primers, automotive under-body/under-hood coatings, rust-converting products, overprint varnishes, and for other coatings applications requiring excellent barrier properties. Coatings based on this product have good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, excellent durability, toughness and corrosion resistance properties.

Product Image (Acronal PLUS 6257)

Acrylic Copolymer Aqueous Dispersion

Price: 150 INR/Kilograms

Good adhesion, watertight, elastic: These qualities make Acronal PLUS 6257 an excellent raw material for the production of liquid applied flat roof coating membranes.

Product Image (NeoCryl A-1091 (45%))

Anionic Acrylic Styrene Emulsion

Price: 150 INR/Kilograms

It can be used for Overprint Varnish, Paper & Board, Gravure & Flexographic Inks for topcoats & for pre-print applications and also a letdown vehicle for gloss and hardness improvement.

Product Image ( Impranil DLU )

Aliphatic Polycarbonate Ester-Polyether Polyurethane Dispersion

Price: 300 INR/Kilograms

It is suitable for the formulation of textile coatings used for numerous articles.

Product Image (NeoRez R-972 )

Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersion

Price: 200 INR/Kilograms

Recommended for plastic coating, Metals, paper coatings , Wood &Furniture coatings

Product Image (NeoRez R-610 )

Aliphatic Urethane Dispersion

Price: 150 INR/Kilograms

Used in primer for filmic packaging industry (including food packaging) and primer for film label and graphic applications. Provides very good adhesion, very high bond strength and humid seal strength when top coated with a sealable product. Suitable for various types of top coats including anionic and cationic PVDC, acrylics, urethanes and hybrids

Product Image (9945-DW (N))

UV Absorber Dispersion

Price: 1200 INR/Kilograms

It is a solvent free, aqueous dispersion for high performance industrial & decorative waterborne coating application such as: Automotive, Wood, Plastic, Architectural, Glass & Ceramic, Adhesive and bonding layers.


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